Sunday, November 29, 2015

And yet so simple and childish are many Christians....Thomas Brooks

     I have read of Honorius a Roman emperor, who was simple and childish enough, when one told him Rome was lost, he was exceedingly grieved, and cried out, Alas! alas! for he supposed it was his hen that was called Rome, which hen he exceedingly loved; but when it was told him, it was his imperial city of Rome that was besieged by Alaricus, and taken, and all the citizens rifled and made a prey to the rude enraged soldiers, then his spirits were revived, that his loss was not so great as he imagined.  Now what is the loss of a husband, a wife, a child, a friend, to the loss of God, Christ, the Spirit, or the least measure of grace, or communion with God? etc.  I say what are all such losses, but the loss of a hen, to the loss of Rome?  And yet so simple and childish are many Christians, that they are more affected and afflicted with the loss of this and that poor temporal enjoyment, than they are with the loss of their most spiritual attainments.  Ah, Christians! be but more affected with spiritual losses, and you will be more quiet and silent under temporal losses.  Let the loss of Rome trouble you more, and then the loss of your hen will not trouble you at all.....
                                                                                          Rev. Thomas Brooks

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