Monday, April 17, 2017

Lord, thy word is enough; thy bond is as good as ready payment

     O my soul, there is but a short life between thee and glory, where holy angels
and glorified saints shall be my associates, and love and praise my only employment. 
Methinks I hear already how the morning stars sing together, and all the sons of God
shout for joy.  O that I could come in!  But it was said unto me, that I should rest yet for
a little season, and I shall stand in my lot at the end of the days.  It is well; Lord, thy word
is enough; thy bond is as good as ready payment.  The Holy Ghost tells me, that life and
glory abide me; that what day I loose from the body, the same day I shall be landed in
paradise.  Amen.  It is as I would have it.
     But this is not all.  When my body hath slept a short nap in the dust, Christ will call to it,
Come up hither.  Ah, true yoke-fellow, it will be a hard parting, but a welcome meeting.  I
could not leave thee, but to live with Christ.  But he will raise thee a glorious temple; and
when he shall appear, will bring me with himself in glory; and then I shall re-enter thee as a
royal mansion, wherein I shall abide with the Lord for ever.  For as we have served our
Redeemer together, so we must be glorified together with him.  And when the Lord hath
married us together again, then will he marry us both unto himself.  For I know that my
Redeemer liveth, and that he shall stand at the last day upon the earth. 
                                                                       Joseph Alleine

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